Inner Child Doll

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I'm so excited to help you on your journey to finding YOU! You are taking a big step in overcoming your fears about judgment, and letting go of the opinions of other people in order to live an authentic and abundant life.

You inner child doll package includes:

Your Custom Inner Child Doll! This doll is meant as a tool to help you focus your meditations and self talk exercises. These exercises are more meaningful when we have a special token of love in our hands. Your doll is:

8-10" Tall

Filled with poly fiber fill stuffing

Fastened custom color safety eyes


You will receive a package with your doll

a necklace with my favorite affirmation “I Am Enough” engraved on it just for you!

and a Hand lettered quote for your home or office to remind you that you are loved.


if you have any questions, please feel free to txt me at 209-914-7761