Inner Child Doll Keychain

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Your healing doesn’t have to stop when you leave your inner child doll at home in your office or bedroom!

You can take your Inner Child KEYCHAIN with you wherever you go!

How stinking cute are they?!

This is how I can discreetly take my inner child doll with me and continue to remember that my self care is top priority.

When my anxiety says “you’re not working hard enough”

“You shouldn’t have eaten that”
“You haven’t exercised in weeks”
“Why did you yell at your kids? Your such a bad mom”
“You’re totally ugly and you’ll never look the way you want”
“You’re always tired. Maybe somethings wrong with you?”
“Are you getting sick? You always get sick when it’s too hard. You’re a quitter”
“Buck up. Other people have it so much worse. Stop being a wimp”

When I hear those dumb, hurtful, mean, degrading thoughts race through my mind when I’m getting groceries, out for a drive, getting food... I can look down at my little dolly on my keychain, breathe and say

“I am enough in this moment”

You are more important and more divine than ANYTHING your mind tells you. You can change your thoughts. You can have a more relaxed life. You can be a kinder parent. All you have to do is remember the little child you STILL ARE.

And treat yourself as such 💕💕.


We all need to be more gentle with ourselves on a daily basis and stop feeding our psyche with negative messages.

These are an amazing gift for your daughter, niece or special little to help them remember the beautiful divine child they are!

We can also make a mini version of YOU for your son or daughter to carry momma WITH THEM! You can protect your babies even when you aren’t there ❣️

Keychain Dolls are 4-5” tall and come with a keychain with a ring, claw hook and mini fastener to attach all your special bobbles to!

Dolls are stuffed with Poly fiber fil. Eyes are embroidered with “Happy Smile Eyes” as pictured.

PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON INSTAGRAM @innerchilddolls to hash out the details or send me an email at