About Me!

Welcome to Inner Child Dolls!

I'm here to help you reconnect to the child within. I'm here to help you find the innocent joys of your childhood. Let me guide you to your purest form of happiness.

But first, who the HECK am I? Well, I'm Kelly Joy Rollins! I'm happy, joyful, glitter obsessed Kelly Joy! I am a wife to my Dungeons and Dragons playing, U.S history nerd of a history teacher, Jake Rollins.

I have been crocheting since 1st grade, and I have had my hand at amigurumi toy making since 2015 when I opened my etsy shop. I have found this beautiful work of Inner Child Healing and I feel called to help everyone hold, love, and heal their inner child through the gift of a doll that looks just like their littlest selves. My patterns are designed with the maker in mind... LITERALLY! I love allowing the maker to actually MAKE HERSELF! I want YOU to allow yourself to work on your inner voices, and insecurities as you crochet beautiful dolls. 

Come on this inner child journey with me and rediscover your 6 year old self. I found mine when I designed myself into a doll. I dreamed my biggest dream and ended up with a beautiful fairytale princess complete with a pink sparkly ballgown, crown and of course, a ball of yarn. When you start this inner child journey, you can make you're littlest self and love on her forever while you make more dolls for other beautiful humans!

You can find me all. the. time. on Instagram. @innerchilddolls. PLEASE DM ME! I check all my DM's and answer each one myself. I am happy to be a listening ear for your stories. And if you send me an email with your story and inner child journey, I can put you on my "Design List" for future doll patterns! Who knows, you could be my next beautiful doll.