What you need to learn to crochet

With the state of the world right now, crafting is at and ALL TIME HIGH. I'm so so excited that more people are starting to see the beauty in working with your hands at home. 

Lots of you are looking for a new craft and what's easier to start than crochet?! All you need is a hook and a ball of yarn, right? 

Oh my poor sweet newbies, let me help you before you try to find the first crochet YouTube that's uploaded "How to start crocheting" and then you end up cussing at the screen because you can't even get your slip stitch around your hook to start!

Crochet is truly a new language, and a skill that takes some instruction. Let me take you through all my favorite tools to help you on your crochet journey!

What You Need To Learn to Crochet

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1. The very first thing you'll need is a hook. You will need to look at the project you want to start and see what hook size is recommended for that specific project. If you are just trying to learn basic stitches with a normal worsted weight yarn (Red Heart Super Saver or Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn) then I recommend a size H hook. You can grab one here. But my favorite hooks are from Clover

2. Yarn! Everyone's favorite thing to play with. There are all kinds of yarn out there and you might get a little overwhelmed if you just go onto michael's or amazon and click on their yarn sections. For MOST PROJECTS, you will be using worsted weight, or size 4 yarn. This is the most common type of yarn and it is sold everywhere

3. Needles. You are going to need a tapestry needle of some kind. For beginners, you'll prefer a metal tapestry needle with a large hole so you can get that yarn through. I prefer using sharp needles like this so you can get through any thick sections on your project. 

4. Scissors! Now, you're probably like, "Kelly, I have my kitchen scissor. Why do I need new scissors?" Trust me, you will thank me when you have a set of tiny snippers in your project bag at all times. I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted searching my house for a pair of scissors because someone (usually one of my children) precariously walked away with them with out my knowledge. Keep a pair in your tool kit. I love these, but any detail scissors are great. 

5. A pattern! You can start crocheting just basic stitches from youtube videos but I've found that the most motivating way to learn is trial by fire. Get yourself a project you're DYING to finish, and work your way through it. It's so satisfying when you figure out a new stitch from your project and when you work through those tricky parts. My Doll Basics Pattern gives you all the terms you need to learn, and I have tutorials on my instagram IGTV for my visual learners. 

There ya go! I'm super excited for you to start learning this beautiful craft. I can't wait to see your projects come to life! If you finish a project, please tag me on instagram so I can see it!

Do you have any questions for me? Are you stuck on a specific stitch? I'd love to answer all your crochet queries! Just comment below because I check and answer all my comments. Or you can DM me on my instagram @innerchilddolls

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