What You Need To Crochet Dolls

I'm talking to you, yes you, person who is sick and tired of doing row after row of your grandma's old crochet blanket pattern she got from a magazine in 1985! You do NOT need to crochet blankets and potholders anymore. Put the hook down and LISTEN UP!

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A little history, no worries it's short!

Crocheting has a whole new face in the new millennium. It's official name is AMIGURUMI. It is a Japanese art form using crochet techniques to make miniatures of, basically anything! It started picking up in the US around the 1970's and then again in the early 2000's. Now, it's what we crocheters RAVE over because, come one, they so dang CUTE!

We can finally use our yarn for more than just BLANKETS AND POTHOLDERS! For me, it was a god send because I have tiny children and I can't work on a project for days and days. I need quick wins, people. My kids are 1.5 and 3.5... I need quick wins! And quick projects! So, in 2015, I found amigurumi and never looked back!

I know some of my newbies are over here saying "Kelly, I don't even know what I need for all that toy stuff! Where do I even start?" Well, let me help YOU! It's not a lot but you do need more than just a hook and some yarn. 


I have another post to get you going on the basics here . But I am going to go through everything I use on a daily basis to make my beautiful dollies. These are some go to things I get at Walmart, and hobby lobby. Other's are from specific sites on Etsy. Enjoy!

1. Yarn

My go to yarn is from Hobby Lobby. The squish factor is real on the I Love This Yarn brand. I also love Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn.

2. Hooks

My absolute favorite hook for my dolls is a Clover brand size E/3.5mm crochet hook. You can get one here and it will change your crochet life.

3. Stuffing

I say if you are going to learn how to make dolls, toys, animals, anything 3D, just go all in and get this box of stuffing. I've spent way more on the tiny $2.99 bags at other stores. Just get this box at Walmart and call it good.

4. Safety Eyes

I'm going to save you a lot of pain and agony here and just tell you NOT to get the eyes on Amazon. They suck. Just don't. INSTEAD go to a trusted seller on Etsy who knows safety eyes and curates them! I love this seller and I'm going to be buying from her for a long time. 

5. Embroidery Floss

I just get any kind I can! Cheap is just as good as expensive in my opinion. Here's a great set! Get yourself some neutral colors so you have them for mouths and eyebrows. 

6. Scissors

My favorite kind of scissors are sharp little scissors for embroidery. You can find a great pair here.

7. Tapestry Needles

Get yourself some SHARP tapestry needles. A lot of them. Seriously, you will lose them somewhere. You can find some here and my cute little case was from a local quilt store. You can find a cute one here though!

Those are the tools I pick up every single day when I'm making a doll. You also need a quick and easy pattern to get ya started! My mermaid doll pattern is great because, yeah, you guessed it! No legs! You can pick it up in my shop over here.

Let me know if you start making some toys because I know that blanket you haven't worked on in months is staring straight you right now. Trust me, toy making is so much better!

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Love ya!

Kelly Joy <3



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