How To Find Time For Self Care

How we spend our days says a lot about how we are! Think about it. I mean, seriously think about it. Are you spending it doing projects? School work? Working from home on your 9-5 job? Maybe it’s kids begging for you all day long? Are you an entrepreneur, and your business is calling to you at all hours of the day?


Whatever came to your mind, I can guarantee that you didn’t start thinking about the time you spend on YOURSELF. Literally your own body and mind. We always push ourselves to the side, whether from obligation or excitement about getting things accomplished, but then we turn around and find ourselves drained and in a state of exhaustion.


We must learn that relaxation and rest are NECESSARY FOR LIFE! Learning to stop and be still during the day is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our bodies and our minds. When we are constantly in a state of “Go, go go” or the reaction known as, Fight or Flight, our bodies are in the same mental and physical state as if we were being chased by bears! No one can live like that!


We all have our excuses for not doing this mindful work on ourselves, but I think the biggest excuse we have is “I don’t have the time! I’m too busy running around doing all the things for all the people! They need me all the time!”



Really? Are you sure that it’s ALL DAY? I mean, could you honestly say there isn’t a moment of your day that couldn’t be filled with self care INSTEAD of working for others?


I bet you that I can help you find AT LEAST 10-20 minutes, if not MORE, for you to spend some quiet time in your room being still and taking some deep breaths. Don’t believe me? Well, then CUE THE TIME PRODUCTIVITY ACTIVITY!




This activity will help you see your week in hourly blocks or chunks of time. I’m going to take you hour by hour through your week to help you find those tiny moments where you can spend time on YOU.


I have a PDF below you can print FOR FREE so you have a place to plan out your self care this week! And guys, it’s SUPER CUTE!




Step 1: You’re going to need some kind of coloring system like colored pencils, markers or even little sticky notes! The sticky notes are great because you can move them around. I like these ones but you can use anything you have.


Step 2: With your printed self care weekly planner in front of you, I want you to go hour by hour through your day. Start with one color and designate that color for an area in your life you spend time on. Let’s start with FAMILY/KIDS. With that color, mark all the hours you spend that week on people in your family and your kids. Now do that for every area in your life!




Make sure every activity in your life is accounted for. Looks like a lot, I know, but don’t worry! We’re going to find time. Trust me!


Step3: I want you to designate a new color for SELF CARE/PERSONAL. Look at your week. Do you see any tiny holes? Can you adjust some things to give you a little more time? Could you push something back? Can you wake up a smidge earlier? Is there a moment after bedtime and before you start working on your side hustle?


Get creative with your schedule! I just need you to find 10-20 minutes EVERY DAY to spend on YOU.


Time is our most precious resource. You can’t get it back. You can’t make more, and it’s gone before we even realize it. How you spend your time is exactly related to how you feel each day. There is nothing more important in this whole EARTH than making sure YOUR body and YOUR mind and YOUR spirit are fully nourished and taken care of.


I want you to be able to have a moment of peace every day so you aren’t in a constant state of low level panic. We just can’t function correctly that way. WE ALL HAVE LIMITS. It’s time we find out exactly where they are so we don’t have to get close to them.


I hope you loved this exercise and it helps you find the time to do your inner work! What questions do you have for me? Are you struggling in any area of self care? Tell me in the comments and I can help you find some answers.


You can email me any time at Find me on social media @innerchilddolls, and come join the Inner Child Dolls FaceBook Community to get daily questions to help you reconnect to YOUR inner child and your inner dreamer!

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