The Enneagram and Inner Child Work

Who has ever heard of the enneagram? In the personality test world, it's a big one right now. Basically it's a test to give you 1 of 9 different personality types in the world. They all have insights into the way you interact with your environment, your different relationships and how you live your live individually. If you'd like to take the test for yourself you can take it here.

Alright, but you're here to know how I have combined my enneagram with my own inner child journey. Let's start with my enneagram. I am a performing, achieving, goal getting 3! Three's are achievers and we find immense joy in proving ourselves to the people we love; sometimes even to random strangers. We feel the most loved when we are praised or admired for our talents and qualities. We tend to lean towards vanity when we aren't are best selves, and when we are we lean towards deep communication with those who chose to really see us through our masks.

Now that you know my enneagram, let me walk you through a story of how my adult self took my enneagram to calm my inner child. Don't worry, it's totally worth the read.

One night I decided to stretch out my legs after a few hours of crocheting. The back of my legs is where I hold a ton of tension so I need to stretch 2-3 times a day. I remembered I needed to do some grounding today too so I took some deep cleansing breaths and fell into downward dog. With my palms on the ground and my feet firmly planted, I started to breathe into my core and feel the energy from the earth and let go of the tension from my legs and shoulders.

The anxiety started to enter my thoughts. It always says things like "Look you're so tight. You used to be able to do this everyday no matter what. What happened to you? You just let go of yourself and look what happened. You're pathetic." Before giving in entirely, like I do most times. I reached for my inner child. I asked her

"What do you need?"

"I want to do a good job"

"Good girl," I replied "Good girl. You're doing a great job"

I took another cleansing breath, and fell deeper into my stretch; feeling everything release into the floor. It was DELICIOUS! I haven't felt that free in such a long time. When I rolled back up out of the stretch, I felt like I had woken up from the most perfectly timed nap. My inner child was soothed, and my mind was at rest. 

Knowing my enneagram helped me to know what my inner child might need to hear in that moment. I knew that my enneagram felt loved when we're praised or encouraged. So, I figured my inner child needed to hear that she's a good girl and she's doing a wonderfully good job. I tell my daughter Abby "Good Girl!" all. the. TIME. Why would I keep back that beautiful praise from myself when I see my own daughter light up every time I say it to HER?

I plan to explore this marriage of Enneagram and inner child work more and hopefully with other enneagrams besides my own. I think this is a connection that makes each method more healing.

What's your enneagram? Did you take the test? Please comment below with your enneagram and how you think your inner child would respond to it.

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I took the Enneagram test. Of the nine types, I am a four. Fours are defined by their belief that they are different from other people, and by their feelings of envy for what others have. Fours have the sense that something is missing from their lives, and they worry that they will never have the happiness that other people experience.

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