Learning to Workout with My Inner Child

My Inner Child Learning to Workout

I’ve worked out a TON. Like, I’ve always been an active person. I enjoy moving my body in new ways. I’m a dancer, and a performer so moving around just comes naturally to me. When I had my first baby, 4 years ago, I got into this frenzy trying to lose the 70lbs I had gained during his pregnancy. I was motivated, and I didn’t have much to do so I figured I’d make working out my new hobby. I got to a great point in my weight loss journey, and I was leaner than I had ever been because of the weight training. I decided to run for the first time in my life to give myself some space from the day in day out drags of motherhood.

I loved running. I never thought I would say it but I did. I loved hitting new miles, and seeing how far my feet could take me. I loved getting my times faster with each long run on Saturday’s. I loved being able to just pop my headphones in my ears and zone out for a couple hours by myself! Seriously ladies, you’ll run farther just to be out of the house longer. It’s so nice!

Then I got pregnant with my second, my daughter. Her pregnancy was easier since it was through the end of the summer and into the fall. I wasn’t as hot and I was in SUPER great shape when I first got pregnant. I was working out 5 days a week and I was keeping up with my circuits even when I had some terrible morning sickness. Then I hit 20 weeks and started getting contractions every time I pushed too hard on a workout. To keep me and baby girl safe, I stopped entirely.

I didn’t run. I didn’t lift weights. I didn’t even dance. I was so scared of going into labor early that I just sat and worried. My anxiety decided to tell me that the only thing that mattered was my daughter’s health and to keep her safe, I should be on bedrest ( even though the doctor never told me that) so I signed my life away to the voice in my head, and didn’t move for 4 months.

It was agony. I wanted to workout. I wanted to feel like myself. I wanted a challenge. I wanted something to look forward to each day that was just for me! But I was a “good girl” and sat still.

I’m going to fast forward this already long story, and tell you that even after Abby was born, I carried those last 4 months with me emotionally for the next year and a half. I was a mom of 2 under 4! I didn’t have TIME to workout. I was so tired! I was just trying to make sure I ate SOMETHING during the day let alone something healthy. I used all the excuses in the book. I walked around like a martyr “Look at me! I’m super mom! I’m working so hard and I’m so miserable!”

Can we just cue the golf claps and the eye rolls, please?

I wasn’t serving ANYONE walking around pouting all day, especially not myself.

Last month, July 2020, I decided it was time to get new medication for my anxiety ( which totally worked btw) AND I needed a good kick in the pants to get my butt out of bed and into some workout clothes. I needed to feel like ME again. My inner child was so tired with the day in day out tasks. She was screaming for something NEW to do. She was nervous about starting over, but she was ready to do ANYTHING to be creative and MOVE again. She had all this pent up energy and was ready to let it rip into something super duper focused.

Enter 21 Day Fix. Guys, this post isn’t sponsored by any means. I picked THIS program because I had tried it in the past and I knew it works. I knew that it worked well for my mindset and it was the accountability I needed to get me to press play everyday. I listened to MY inner child’s needs and decided that this program would check all the boxes.


Need to MOVE: Children love to play. It’s no different when we’re older. We need an aspect of PLAY in our everyday lives or else we get too stressed. Play is a form of release. So find a way to play! My inner child loved following a routine so I knew this workout program would be perfect.

Need to be CHALLENGED: From my enneagram personality type, I knew my inner child was craving a challenge. She was feeling so bored during the day that it was making me tired. When you don’t know what to work on you end up working on nothing. Telling myself that I was in this for 21 days was a great challenge to prove to myself I could do it and finish.

Need to TRUST: My anxiety was taking over. I wasn’t trusting anything I tried or accomplished during the day which was leaving my mind confused. I needed an authority figure I trusted to help me reset my mind and rekindle my love of exercise. I knew what I needed was a coach I could lean on while I grew. Relying on a workout PROGRAM instead of just telling myself “I’m going to workout” was a way to relieve this anxiety.

Need for a new CREATIVE OUTLET: I can crochet till I’m blue but it’s not energizing or exciting. It’s more relaxing and meditative. So, I needed an energy packed creative outlet to get my juices flowing! I cannot tell you the benefits from trying new things! It’s so rewarding! Children want to experience the world and we can help our inner child do that by trying something new!

After 21 days of consistent workouts, consistently getting up and allowing time for ME every. Single. DAY. I FEEL LIKE A NEW HUMAN! I feel energized, and motivated, peaceful and confident! I officially made a routine that I can do every morning that wakes me up, and helps me feel like myself.

What can you do this week to feel more like yourself again? Write down some ideas in the comments! I’d love to see what everyone comes up with! If you liked this blog post and you feel inspired to share it with a friend, please do! The more the merrier! I hope we can all tune into our inner power and rise to our higher selves, and that only happens one active step at a time. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @innerchilddolls for more inner child tips and healing.

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