Inner Child Dolls Are Born

You may be wondering, what an Inner Child Doll might be. You may wonder what your INNER CHILD even is! I'm Kelly Joy and I make everyone's Inner Child a physical reality. 

It started with a letter to myself FROM my inner child. She asked me what I wore to my wedding. Was the dress big and pouffy like Cinderella? Or Thumbellina? Did it have sparkles all over it? Do you live on a beach? Who did we marry? Is he handsome? Did we ever get a tiara from Disney Land?

So innocent. So humble. So full of life. Little Kelly always live in her own little world of sparkles and sunshine. I realized that now that I'm an adult, a mom, and a wife, my little world has gotten a whole lot bigger and a whole lot messier and a WHOLE LOT HARDER.

As a little gift to myself, I crocheted my own inner child doll. Princess Kelly of Yarn Land!

She wanted a ballgown? I gave her the biggest one I could crochet! She wanted sparkles? I took myself to Hobby Lobby and found the pinkest sparkliest yarn they had! Top it off with a tiara and BOOM my little me has come to life in my hands!

I posted her in our coaching group and EVERYONE wanted their own inner child doll to hold, and love, and care for. I quickly realized this was bigger than my own healing and sense of joy. People need to forgive their littlest selves. In order to do that what better way than to literally HOLD your inner child and give them a hug?

And Inner Child Dolls was BORN!

I get story after story of how dolls are helping people to reconnect to their child like selves. How they feel braver and more confident. How each day is a little easier after designing and connecting with their Inner Child.

Everyone has an Inner Child that needs some love and attention. If ya need a little help getting started, you can subscribe to the blog and I can send you a free downloadable Journal Prompt to walk you through your letter from your inner child. It's what started this whole thing for me, and I want to help everyone have the same sweet experience I did. I hung mine up in my office to remind me of the joy I want back in my life, so we made a really beautiful PDF for you all so you can hang yours up too!

How would your inner child react to a big ole hug? How can you infuse child like joy back into your adult life? Let me know! I'm on Instagram @innerchilddolls and you can email me @


Stay joyfully you

Kelly Joy

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