How I Healed My 7 Year old Self

Alignment. Centering. Finding yourself. I have felt the need to do all these things in the past 5 months.

Anxiety overcame my mind over the holidays. I focused on negative self talk and tried to busy my days to hide it deep inside me.

Only when I started to turn my thoughts and actions back toward myself did I realize something was off.

I didn’t do anything I loved anymore. Everything I did, every hobby I had was for something or someone else. Kids, husband, business for kids and husband, in laws. There wasn’t a single moment of my day that was just for me. I even stopped painting my nails every Sunday!

I was introduced to my inner child, and it all started making sense. I started realizing that I was giving other people’s needs and opinions a higher place in my mind than my own choices. I was people pleasing.

I wanted everyone to be happy with me. When I was 7-8, my mom took me to the dr, seeing that my weight was getting out of hand. I was told that I needed to switch to Diet Coke instead of regular. I still remember my mom telling me “Kelly, we get to drink the gold cans instead of the red cans because these have no sugar in them” I wanted to make her proud, so I did it. It did nothing for my weight though because I found other foods to binge like chocolate chips and Nutella sandwiches.

I went through a heartbreak at 7 years old. Someone told me, I wasn’t good enough. I needed to change. Was it a necessary change? Of course! A little kid probably shouldn’t drink her weight in regular coke! But did it hurt to hear? Yes.

Going back and listening for the memories of my 7-8 year old self has helped me heal. Inner child work is more than letting your light shine and finding joy, it’s remembering what hurt you, even if it was a dr telling you you’re overweight at 7 years old and switching to Diet Coke.

My journey isn’t over. I still have to figure out other sources of people pleasing. I still need to remember why I turn to food every time I’m bored, tired, sad or confused. But I’ve started. I’ve invested in myself again. My inner child doll helps me turn my thoughts back to that little 7 year old Kelly with big brown eyes wondering why she needs people to love her so much. 

When we reinvest time back into ourselves, we heal. The best healing I’ve found is in taking my inner child doll. Sitting her in my lap and meditating on my 7 year old self. The memories are there. We just have to find them so we can heal from them..

Start your healing. Invest in yourself. Remember the memories that shaped you. I know your inner child doll can help. We can make her exactly what you need to heal. 

To Order your inner child doll, head over to my shop page. Let me help you find your littlest self again so you can start to heal.



Sheri O'Keefe

Hi Kelly, I was touched by your story. I am glad that you found a way to heal from a horrific statement at a tender age. I love what you make and you are amazing at it. The only thing I can say to you is keep up the creative work you do. If you really want to please others you first must learn how to love yourself, and I mean really love yourself for who you are, the way you are, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Once you have learned that then you will be able to please others effortlessly and sometimes without knowing. Lots of love, Sheri


Kelly, what a touching story! It is your truth and you have discovered your inner child! And now, you are helping others find their inner child! I am touched by your works and I know they bring healing to everyone who is fortunate to get one! Wishing you abundant success !!

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