How I broke some things and found Joy

This past week my husband took me on an amazing spontaneous date to a smash room. For those that don’t know what a smash room is, it’s a room that is designed for the sole purpose of breaking things with bats, sledgehammers and crow bars. I’ve always wanted to try one since I saw The Bachelorette try it for a date. 

Jake, my husband, took me to a nice Mexican restaurant (I love love love tacos) and then we headed over to the room. They suited us up in coveralls, hard hats with visors, and cut resistant gloves. We got a crate of old glass bottles, a couple old telephones, a computer keyboard and a big old fax machine/printer. I grabbed a tiny crow bar while Jake hauled the sledgehammer into the room. While walking over left over debris from other guests of this dungeon of mayhem, we turned on the music (imagine dragons which I love!) and I took my first swing.

I took the keyboard and with one hard swing I obliterated the keys off the board! I hit it again. I screamed. I hit again with another wail. Again and again and again! The keyboard was gone. And I was PUMPED!

We broke the bottles in a matter of minutes and we each got a turn hacking at the giant printer with the sledgehammer. Exhilaration. Aggression. JOY?!

Yes, people. Joy. Pure, stress free, firey JOY! As a stressed business owner and entrepreneur, as a mother of 2 small children, as a wife of a hard working middle school teacher, I was DUE AND READY for FIRE and SCREAMS. When I walked out of the dust filled room with my dirty face and crazy hair, the women who were up next after us took one look at me and said “You’re a mom aren’t you?” HAHAHA yes, yes I am!

Joy isn’t about happy or mad or angry. Joy is what fills you. Joy is what makes you whole. For me, I didn’t realize that I needed this aggressive release of energy until I took the first swing. Sometimes we don’t know what we need until we try something new. 

Aggression is also something we should embrace at appropriate moments because it’s a part of who we are! Without it we couldn’t defend, fight or protect the things and people we love! So let the lion ROAR and go smash a few things in a smash room.. you might just love it!

let me know how you let out your inner child temper tantrums! @innerchilddolls on Instagram and Kelly Joy Rollins on Facebook! 

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