Finding Joy During a Crisis

In this week's podcast episode, I thought I would give you some quick tips about finding Joy during a nationwide, and world wide, crisis. Corona Virus is rampant and were all kinda freaking out over here!
Sometimes Joy isn't about being happy, but about feeling secure. If you're anxious or paranoid about the current state of the world and this crazy virus, I DON'T BLAME YOU. This is WAY bigger than anyone ever predicted and it seems to change hourly! So, we need to find moments of safety amidst a tumultuous circumstance. 
1. Breathe
In this week's podcast I talk about the different ways I like to incorporate deep breathing into my every day routines. I even tell you how I practice deep breathing with my 3 year old son. Anyone take refocus anxious energy into something productive if they just take a nice deep healing breath.
2. Make it easy, Make it Joyful
Even though it SUCKS being semi quarantined in our homes for who knows how long, we need to take time to enjoy our families while were all together! On the episode I tell you how I plan to entertain my little family with 10 minute activities (Books, arts and crafts, games) while still maintaining my sanity. I also share with you how I chose to make meal planning easy during this crazy time at home. When we make things easier on ourselves, we create space to enjoy ourselves too!
3. Love Thy Neighbor
We all have neighbors. Whether they are in our communities, or in our apartment complexes. Reach out and check in on your neighbor. You never know who will actually NEED those ten extra rolls of toilet paper you snagged at Walmart. Love on others and I'm sure they will love on you.
Go ahead and give the podcast a listen, take a couple deep belly breaths and text your neighbor.
If you have any tips on lowering anxiety while stuck inside, or during a crisis, please leave a comment below! Let's get a conversation going so that people know there are plenty of ways to stay calm right now.
Stay safe, WASH YOUR HANDS, and stay joyfully you!
Kelly Joy

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