Calming Anxiety Through Inner Child Meditation

Have you ever felt super confused about your life and where it's headed?


I have all these ideas swirling around in head on a daily basis and the ONLY thing that keeps my squirrel brain focused is visualizations and guided meditations. I know your thinking "Oh gosh, Kelly, but I just can't meditate! Like you said, my squirrel brain goes CRAZY!" Alright, I feel you! I really do. I have two small children and meditation was the LAST thing on my super duper long list of things to do. 

But what happens, when we let our thoughts run wild? What happens when we don't sit and rest and be quiet? For me, everything gets bottled up, and what happens to a soda bottle when you shake it up? EXPLOSION! Ladies, we don't need an explosion every other day! Life can be so much more enjoyable if we just make it a priority to PUT OURSELVES FIRST, just for a little bit, each and everyday.

If you are still concerned with where to start on all this woo woo nonsense, don't worry (we have enough of that already!). I have a list below of a few YouTube videos, I swear by and use monthly. I switch things up every now and then so I can meditate on different topics but these ones really keep me focused and calm.

1.Inner Child Meditation By Michelle Chalfant

I love this one! I use this one every time I want to try talking to my little self and ask her how she feels and what she needs from me. I'll sit with my doll in my lap and just breathe and listen to the sweet words. 

2.Mediation for Changing Your Heart's Desire By Michelle Chalfant

If I need a kick in the pants to get out of my head and remember my hopes and dreams, I do this meditation. Sometimes, we need someone else to help us realize our successes and notice our triumphs. We can become anything we want. You go wherever your eyes take you. If you want something, and you do something towards it everyday, you'll be exactly where you want to be.

3.Inner Child Meditation By The Holistic Psychologist

Another great inner child meditation. This one is free of music, so if you get distracted with music, this is a good one for you. Remember to grab your Inner Child Doll for this one because you can pretend all the mediation is focused on her.

4.Inner Child Meditation By Relax for a while-Mediations and sleep stories

This is a long one but if you have the time (especially during quarantine) I would highly recommend doing this one before bed. She has a very soothing voice and the affirmations she repeats are perfect.

5. Self Love Meditiation for Self Love By Goodful

When you notice a lot of negative self talk rising up in your mind, take a second to do this quick meditation. It's easy. It slows your breathing, and gets your mind right back where you needs it to be. Positive and loving.

Which one did you like the best? If you try any of these, please let me know! If you find a new one while on your inner child journey email it to me at


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