5 Reasons Every Boy Needs A Doll

Boys have dolls too! Don’t tell me they can’t cause they can and they love them!

Dolls help with interpersonal skills. They help with imaginative play. They help with language skills. Dolls are our people laboratory to help us interact with the people we meet everyday!

My son is highly intelligent. I know I’m his mom but he is. He was speaking at 6 months, ABC’s down at 1 year and counting to 20 by 2. People ask me what I did to help him achieve such early milestones buuuut I got nothin’. 

His attention span on the other hand is really normal for 3 if not a little behind. No, I’m not comparing him to other children, I just know my, son but the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that the more toys he has where he needs to create a world around the toy in order to play the more his social and personal skills go up.

Don’t be afraid to give a boy a doll. They just might need a little best friend to try their skills on! It can help them relate to the world around them. 


I have a custom doll package for children look-a-like dolls. You can customize it however you like. My son wanted his doll to be a prince to go with his sister's princess doll. I was happy to oblige him! If your son or grandson wants to be a knight? Let's do it. If he wants to look like Captain America? So cool! I'm happy to make their childhood dreams come true. 

You can order your custom doll here. Just allow me a few weeks to make it perfect!

Do you think your little boy would love a doll? Tell me in the comments what you think he'd want to be! My son also loves cars so I can see him wanting to be some kind of robot. Let's start a conversation!

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