DIY Crochet Gifts for Mother's Day During Quarantine

With mother's day around the corner, we all need some handmade gifts to make while we can't go to the store and Amazon is still pretty backed up. I've got 5 great spa related crochet projects to make for ALL the women in your life. So, if you need a quick project AND a quick gift this one is for you.

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Self care items are some of the best gifts I've received as a mother over the past 4 years. I've gotten nail polish, masks, foot scrubs, water bottles, and even a massage! My favorite gifts to GIVE to women I love are these AWESOME spa headbands, with matching facial scrubbies!

The beautiful Ashley from A Crafty Concept has an amazing pattern for crochet facial rounds that are modeled after the kind that can take makeup off without soap. Yes, people. These scrubbies take off eye makeup with no. SOAP. The pattern uses bernat blanket yarn and the 100% polyester yarn is GREAT for these reusable facial cloths. You can find her blog post for the pattern here

Now, you can make a TON of these facial rounds and that is a perfect gift in and of itself, but pairing them with my crochet spa headband is the cherry on top! I was getting so tired of having to tie my hair up to wash my face and still getting water on my hairline. I came up with this great spa headband that fastens with a cute button on top and since it's made with bernat blanket yarn, it's totally absorbable and gets all the water away from your hair! The pattern is only 5 rows long. You need Bernat Blanket yarn, a tapestry needle and a button. You can find the $5 pattern by clicking the picture below!

You can pair both the headband and facial rounds together for a great gift but You can also pair it with a giftcard to their favorite store (especially since they should be buying online) or you could give them their favorite treat or another self care item. I've been using this facial roller for a year and it's so nice to pull out of the freezer on a hot day and roll it all over my hot puffy face. It also reduces eye puffiness. I love it!


Let me know what you do for this weird mother's day while were all at home. We're probably doing a nice dinner and I get to sit in my super clean bedroom all afternoon and crochet in bed watching my favorite show, eating my favorite chocolate. Ah, that sounds so lovely!

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