10 Ways to Release Your Inner Child Daily

This week's podcast episode was inspired by all the ways I'm finding my inner child during this crisis we're all surviving called COVID-19. When we're cooped up and out of our daily routines, we could tend to fall into a slight depression and let the worries overwhelm our minds and feelings. Finding and reconnecting to our inner child, the most creative part of ourselves, can help us combat feelings of depression and anxiety.

I have 10 fool proof ways to help you reconnect or discover your inner child from home! I talk more in depth on each tactic in this week podcast episode, but here is a taste. I've walked through each one personally but I never do them all at once on any given day. I encourage you to pick one or two and then find a rhythm so you can have a consistent inner child routine in your day to lift your spirits!

10 Ways To Release Your Inner Child Daily

1. Morning Pages or Journaling

I've talked about Julia Cameron's morning pages on previous episodes, but journaling of any kind is great for finding your inner child. Start asking her some questions. Get her talking so you can start doing activities that make you feel like yourself again.

2. Craft Break!

Remember when you were in some kind of nursery or preschool and you have Arts and Crafts time? Well, guess what? You should keep doing that. Creating everyday is not only fun, but it helps us to find out what we truly like and don't like so we can lean into more of the things we LOVE to do. Don't waste your time on activities you don't like, bor-ring!

3. Pin Things That Speak To Your Inner Child

Ah, pinterest. We all love to spend some quality scrolling time, don't we? Well, how about instead of random pins from your homepage, you start searching and pinning things you actually LIKE!? Maybe if you pin something enough times, you'll manifest it in real life?

4. Try Something New

I know trying new things when were stuck in our homes right now, but the internet is our best friend in times like these. You can check out skillshare or craftsy and take some classes to train your brain so when were released from quarantine you can actually go try it! You might be surprised to have everything you need in your home right now? You could make a new recipe with your food storage. You could make a craft for your room with what you have in your supplies. The ideas are limitless.

5. Listen To A New Podcast!

If you HAVEN'T listened to my podcast, and subscribed for your weekly dose of Kelly Joy, you should do dat. There are also thousands of podcast you can listen to right now that can feed your inner child. Going back to those morning pages, what did she tell you she liked? Does she wanna listen to a story? Maybe learn about something she wants to tackle? Maybe she wants to revisit that old TV show she loves but in a new way through commentary on a podcast episode?? I have a great list of podcasts inside my Inner Child Dolls FaceBook group if you need ideas.

6. Do One Thing Mindfully

Mindful activities bring us back to the present and center our thoughts. The center of your soul is, you guessed it, your Inner Child! When we pause and breathe we can take the time to enjoy each moment gratefully like a child instead of rushing around to the next "to do" like a boring adult. Take a shower mindfully. Eat a meal mindfully. Play with your kids mindfully. You'll be surprised how good you feel afterwards.

7. Write Down A List Of Things That Make You Happy

By writing it down, you will build a list of things to fall back on when you're feeling disconnected from your littlest self. Take it step further and whenever you discover something that makes your inner child happy, jot it down! I bet she'll start squealing each time you write down something new.

8. Look Up

I share an experience in the podcast where I was swinging outside and just leaned back and looked up at the clouds and couldn't remember the last time I had done that. We spend so much time looking down at a screen in our hands that we need to remind ourselves to put our heads back and look up. Take a deep breath and look up. 

9. Deep Breathing

I talk alot about 4 square breathing and how beneficial it is in calming anxiety. When we are trying to truly connect to our inner selves, breathing is the best way to get rid of all the chatter in our minds. So, you got it. Take a big deep breath. Go! Right now!

and finally

10. Movement!

Children love to move. They NEED to get their wiggles out. They need to explore. You don't think your inner child needs the same amount of movement? Well, too bad cause she does! Dance, play, skip, do yoga, try Barre, learn salsa dancing. I don't care what you do, but LET LOOSE!

Do you have any ways to release YOUR inner child? I'd love to make a list from the comment section. Be sure to listen to The Joyfully Me podcast on apple podcasts and spotify. You can also click the hyperlink in the second paragraph. 

Love ya guys! Stay Joyfully You

Kelly Joy

@innerchilddolls on IG

www.innerchilddolls.com to order your own inner child doll to release your inner child in real life!

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